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A Lavalier Mic Sounds Like Soap to Me…

By Carey Lee | Jan 6, 2019

Tonight I am doing a set at the Goofy Moose show at Sniggly Wiggly’s, and I’m here to not only try out some new material, but also to try out some new equipment. When it comes to performing shows, I try to record my sets because sometimes it’s good to hear how I’m speaking because…

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The First (Unexpected) Show of 2019

By Carey Lee | Jan 2, 2019

The first show of 2019 is hopefully an omen of how this year is going to be, last year there were a lot of shows, almost 100 again which is great, as I want to perform as much as I can, and when you think about it, if there’s 365 days in a year, that’s…

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Some Laughs and Too Many Chips

By Carey Lee | Dec 13, 2018

2nd day in Fredericton at the Delta and we’re gearing up for a sold-out show in the Grand Ballroom, over 500 people in attendance and this crowd wants to laugh! Much more relaxed this time as I didn’t have to travel today to get to the venue, so I had time to get my self…

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Snow and Show

By Carey Lee | Dec 12, 2018

I am in Fredericton at the Delta Hotel to perform with Scott Belford and Travis Watters for a Fundraiser for Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada, and it’s been an interesting day! To start with, I don’t know if I’m cursed by the Road Gods but anytime I’m performing in New Brunswick either the drive there…

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Higher Hippie Wellness Lloyd

By Carey Lee | Dec 8, 2018

Doing a show at the Higher Living Wellness Centre, which is the usual haunt of my friend Hippie Lloyd (aka Lloyd Maracle) who has been doing comedy as long as I have, probably longer, and he’s asked me before about doing shows here but because of the pot laws I had to say no. With…

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No Power? No Problem!

By Carey Lee | Nov 29, 2018

When I was in my first year with Yuk’s as a contracted comic, I was given a spot at a show in Truro at a Senior’s residence, it was a combination party for the residents and could be booked for anyone wishing to use it as their corporate xmas party as well. I was worried…

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The Tale of Burgo and his Celebrity

By Carey Lee | Nov 25, 2018

Doing my set tonight at the Goofy Moose, I’ve got to try out my new Legal Weed song and see how it works, so I’ve got that planned and maybe some other songs. I got onstage and started out with a funny story, as the resident piano player Patrick Burgomaster is on stage and I…

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He Who Hesitates Is Laughst….

By Carey Lee | Nov 11, 2018

Heading into the show tonight I am trying out a new song that I wrote sung by Bubbles, I wanted to do something regarding the whole legalization of pot and I figured if anyone would be the voice of that it would be this guy. As always with new songs, I will sometimes hem and…

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My Voice is back so there’s going to be impressions…

By Carey Lee | Nov 7, 2018

Doing a set for the New Talent Showcase at Yuk’s tonight, and my voice is finally starting to get back to normal, so I start out just doing normal material, then I add in some new material I wrote about legalizing marijuana which went over well, and then finished off with some impressions. It went…

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