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Straight Out Stand Up – No Gimmicks or Filters

By Carey Lee | Oct 17, 2018

Doing the New Talent Showcase tonight, and I am trying out some newer material to see how it works. Normally I would be doing some impressions, or bringing out the guitar and doing some songs, but tonight it’s just stand up work, I’m doing the whole 7 minutes as me without anything else because after…

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Never Stop Learning

By Carey Lee | Oct 13, 2018

Today wasn’t as much about performing, as much as it was a class on comedy and how to perform and it was given by Darren Frost and Kenny Robinson who are two legends of Canadian Comedy and who are really great to be offering this class to people such as myself who are interested in…

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I Brung out the Funky Butt

By Carey Lee | Oct 10, 2018

It’s New Talent Showcase night at the Halifax Club, and I’ve got a new song to try which I literally wrote an hour before the show. Yesterday I had been on the internet watching a series of interviews with musicians and bands about some of their biggest hits. The show comes from what I believe…

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It was you…not me.

By Carey Lee | Oct 5, 2018

Guest spot tonight at the Halifax Club, I’ve got the ABBA medley to try out tonight and see if the new version works, so I hit the stage and do the explanation before I start, then I do the medley, and a kind of tepid response is my reward. Some laughs but not too many.…

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Stood and Delivered

By Carey Lee | Sep 30, 2018

Last taping tonight of Stand and Deliver, and we’re recording on a Sunday for a change of pace. The show was great, it was nice having some comics on that I’d never met before and have them do so well in front of the live audience. Again, my part in the show was basically warm…

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Dartmouth Players and I have to Dart-out after my set

By Carey Lee | Sep 28, 2018

I’m at the Dartmouth Players open mic tonight, and unlike most times I’ve performed here tonight I have to leave early due to work, so I’m only able to watch the first half of the show. It was funny and entertaining, so I don’t mind watching and waiting to go on, but when I did…

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A Little About Comedy and Too Much About Me

By Carey Lee | Sep 16, 2018

At the Goofy Moose show at the Sniggly Wiggly’s tonight, and I had something new to try out and some regular songs to try out. I had this idea about how Google is listening on my conversations and sending me news items based on what it hears, which I know to be true because I…

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It’s Not Just Performing…

By Carey Lee | Sep 7, 2018

Tonight, is a special deal, because I get to guest spot at the Halifax Yuks, but also because I’m guest spotting on a night when the headliner is the one and only Mike Wilmot, who is a huge deal in stand up comedy and Canadian Comedy in particular. The material I did in the guest…

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Stand and Deliver…Part Two

By Carey Lee | Aug 25, 2018

Day two for the Stand and Deliver shows and there’s me and more comics ready to perform. The show is set up a little differently than the night before, and we sailed through the production much faster because we’ve been through it all yesterday and fixed a few things and changed some others. The main…

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