First of the last two shows here at Yuks in Niagara Falls, and it’s a weird show. To start with there’s a lot of Birthdays…and I do mean a LOT…there’s one table that even has 5 women all sharing their 50th Birthdays at the show. That’s pretty impressive. I’m having fun riffing with the crowd and enjoying the interaction, but then some guy yells out “PLAY YOUR GUITAR!” and that guy ended up being a problem for the rest of the night, from being a dick to Habib during his set, to the point where he annoyed people in the area where he was sitting and eventually got the ire up of a guy who was sitting near him and apparently he spat at this guy. So a near fight broke out and he was asked to leave with his two friends. When they got outside in the lobby, I could see that the guy who got spat at was massive, a clear bodybuilder who worked out and had a v shaped upper body with a small waist and shoulders twice the length of his waist, would literally crush you if he clapped by the amount of air he could crush when he did so. The guy who was being a dick? He looked like a wet Jonah Hill. I can only guess he’d had too much to drink or just had that one drink that people have that causes them to be obnoxious and start fights, for me that drink was Tequila, one shot of that and I was not pleasant to be around, I’d want to start a fight, call up ex girlfriends and tell them to go fuck themselves and probably invade Poland if I had the opportunity. Once he was gone the rest of the show went pretty well and we had very little to deal with, but it was just that one thing that had to happen that caused a brief glitch in what was otherwise a pretty sweet show.

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