Here I am in Niagara Falls for the first of 5 shows for this weekend, it’s my first time performing in this club and I’m excited and looking forward to it! Anything has to be better than the trip it took to get here, that’s a story in itself…

I drove from my Sister’s house in Tottenham and the GPS said it would be about an hour’s journey to get to the other comic’s house, and as Habib Siam lives in Toronto I gave myself and extra 30 minutes to travel as I know that traffic in the afternoon to Toronto can be a little slow, but low and behold I was there pretty much in the hour and Habib came out and we left for Niagara Falls…and that was messed up. Leaving Toronto alone took us about an hour, we were supposed to have gotten to Niagara Falls by 4:30pm at the latest and we managed to arrive at 6pm. It was a mess trying to get to the Gardiner due to the traffic, I missed the first exit to get on the expressway and when I tried from a second entrance I was having to fight my way into the lane with no one giving me any quarter until one driver was nice enough to allow me in. Then it was just traffic and slow downs etc.

But once we made it to the city we got our rooms and I got prepped for the show. The club is amazing! It’s downstairs and there’s an arcade outside the doors, and the room for the club is huge and set up perfectly for a show! For my first set I did well, and we had a great night, after the show I hung out with my friend Scott Lutz and drove around the area for the night before I finally went back to my room and went to bed.

If tonight was any indication the rest of the weekend should be awesome!

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