I am in Toronto tonight to do a spot on the Wednesday night show, and I’ve also come to be seen by Mark Breslin, the man who is Yuk Yuk’s, so it’s going to be an interesting night…

My set was changed at the last minute as I was informed by the MC that my time was 6 minutes instead of 7 so I had to remove one song and just do the two. I did my Canadian Content song and the Impressions which got some good responses so that was great.

I met with Mark after my set and we had a talk, it wasn’t all good news, but I wanted to know where I stood when it came to going forwards in this business and I got some good advice and now know what to do and how.

The funniest things that happened to me were after the show; the headliner Pete Johansson came to me after the show and apologized for having come in later and not seeing my set, and I said “That’s okay Pete, you’ve seen it enough times before” and that’s when he realized who I was because having lost some weight and it being a dark room he didn’t recognize me and gave me a hug and said “OH MY GOD I DIDN’T RECOGNIZE YOU!”

I left the club after having another chat with Ryan Tonkin, the booking agent for Yuk’s, we had a great talk on my way in, and we had another one on my way out, he’s such a fascinating dude! I headed across the street to where I parked in a public parking garage, only after I left and was headed down University Ave did I notice I’d gotten a parking ticked under my windshield wiper! I was confused, because I’d paid for my spot and it was valid until 6:00am the next morning, and I double checked and there was nothing indicating I had to put it on my dashboard, and to add to the confusion my license plate was not the one on the ticket, it was off by one letter, which was weird because it’s pretty obvious which it was. Someone said that ticketing officers may have a quota, and this was one way to keep up the numbers, issue a ticket to someone who is out of the province and misspell the license, so they won’t have to deal with it. I’m not sure but if that’s the reason that’s pretty fucked up.

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